Wayne County Metroparks Trail

  • Owner: Wayne County Parks
  • Location: Dearborn, MI
  • Size: 400-Ton Pathway
  • Scope: Asphalt Paving, New Construction

For those who like shady woodland paths, Michigan is an idyllic place to call home. The Wolverine State boasts an abundance of trees, and every county invests in wide municipal pathways for walkers, cyclists and baby joggers.

Wayne County Park Trail is a perfect example, with a 16.3-mile path that loosely follows the Huron River as it winds through mature forests. In autumn, the colors are simply breathtaking.

Naturally, we were thrilled when county officials called us for this new addition to the trail.

Asphalt is a hot job, and our crew often works alongside motorists. Constantly watching your six and your coworker’s six is part of the job. So when you’re paving in the middle of the woods and the occasional curious critter is the only traffic, it hardly feels like work.