Sommerset’s Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Services

Even the best asphalt won’t stay forever young.
Relationships, houses, forests, roads and restored ’69 Camaros. What do they have in common?
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They all need TLC.

The more you value something, the more you’ll tend and take care of it, right? Asphalt pavement is no different, even if it’s world-class work: eventually, cracks appear, parking stripes fade, the near-black color lightens to tired gray and the overall appearance gets shabby. Metro Detroit’s deep winter freezes and summer heat waves only accelerate the deterioration.

Sommerset Paving’s asphalt repair and maintenance experts can breathe new life into your pavement, keeping it strong, smooth and safe for up to 25 years.

Our team has decades of experience with seal coating, crack filling and asphalt patching. We only use best-in-class equipment and the highest-quality materials. As keen students of our industry, we’re always up to speed with the latest and greatest application techniques.

Preventive maintenance by Sommerset enables you to avoid expensive replacement or resurfacing.

Extend the life of your pavement as long as possible. Keep every car, kitten and kid on your property safe. Enhance your curb appeal.

Keep reading to see how.

Thorough cleaning
From simple yearly maintenance to comprehensive crack and pothole repairs, every pavement restoration starts with a clean canvas. We use the industry’s leading debris-cleaning blower system to remove all traces of dirt, debris and loose particles. This ensures flawless adherence between the new asphalt and sealant.
Crack filling & pothole repair

We only use commercial-grade hot rubber to fill on all cracks ¼ inch or wider. Hot rubber fill is far superior to the cold fill you’ll find at a local home improvement center. Hot rubber fill flexes with temperature variations, adheres to asphalt thanks to its oil-based composition and won’t shrink in the cold – resulting in a strong surface bond that prevents the water penetration that got you in trouble to begin with. What’s more, hot fill won’t stick to shoes and ruin the floors in your office or home.

The use of a plate compactor is essential in achieving a perfectly smooth, integrated surface. The compactor’s vibrations densify the asphalt, expel air pockets and ensure a solid, uniform repair that can withstand heavy traffic and environmental stresses.

Seal coating

Asphalt pavement is made of rock, sand and emulsion, a binding agent that holds the rock and sand together. With regular seal coating, a well-built road, parking lot or driveway can last an entire generation.

As with paint aging on a house, many environmental factors cause pavement to break down. Sun, wind, salt, snow plow blades, heat, and cold all work in concert to deteriorate asphalt. Seal coating prevents essential oils in the asphalt from evaporating and causing the asphalt to dry out and grow brittle. Naturally, brittle pavement cracks, water penetrates the surface, cracks widen and even the sub-base is eventually compromised.

To ensure that your asphalt pavement stands the test of time, routine maintenance needs to begin the year after your original installation and every 2–3 seasons after the first touch-up. And you won’t need to worry about pollution, thanks to the eco-friendly and mineral-reinforced sealant that Sommerset uses.

Curing for durability
After the application, the seal coat requires adequate time to dry and cure, bonding strongly with the asphalt pavement. This curing process is essential for achieving the optimal protective properties of the sealant, ensuring it delivers maximum durability and resilience against traffic and weather conditions.
Sectors we serve

We help businesses looking to enhance their professional image and operational efficiency. We also work with homeowners looking for durable, aesthetically pleasing driveways. And we serve municipalities who rely on us to maintain public spaces.

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