Sommerset’s Site Grading Services

World-class asphalt starts with A-plus grades.
You won’t see the science beneath your pavement, but you will be glad we did our homework.

Nobody thinks about the relationship between water and pavement until cracks, puddles and slippery spots appear. At Sommerset, water is an obsession that runs constantly through our minds.

How and where will it run off? How might we prevent ground saturation on your property and do our part to ensure sure water drains properly – making standing water virtually impossible? What’s the optimal elevation, and what degree of pitch should the asphalt have?

Whether it’s a parking lot, pathway, driveway or highway, pavement should be perfectly even but never perfectly perpendicular to walls and flagpoles. Not even on the flattest landscape. Think about it: if the surface doesn’t slope one way or another, rain falls and stays put. Tilt it the wrong way or not at all, and an inch of rain will soak your shoes or turn your manicured lawn into a swamp. Then, it’s only a matter of time before pools become potholes become capital-P Problems.

Standing water is fine for frogs but not for people, cars, bikes and landscaping budgets.

When it comes to grading and leveling, our civil engineering and surveying skills come to the rescue. “Where will water come from, and where should it flow?” is among the first questions we ask when tackling asphalt replacement or new construction. Only after studying the landscape, the soil and the traffic can we plan our approach for your project.

After multiple rounds of verifying grades or elevations as we build or restore the asphalt, you’ll have a beautiful, strong and safe stretch of pavement. Underneath, a hidden wealth of science and hard-earned knowledge. And above the asphalt? Life as usual. Nobody thinks about it. Everyone gets home to what matters most. And that’s exactly how we want it.

Here’s how we’ll make the grade for your project.

Clearing the slate
Once we’ve scoped out your property and identified current and potential drainage issues, it’s time for the actual groundwork. And whether we’re removing and replacing asphalt or building it from scratch, we clear the site of all vegetation and rubble. We’ve now got a clean slate to build on.
Grading on the level
We then grade and level the dirt. For new construction, we strip out all loose organic material down to the more compact soil. After shaping the earth grade, we place a stone sub-base on top. For replacement, we regrade and compact the sub-base as needed.
Knowledge that sticks
Next comes the main event: asphalt. We build it in layers, with binder sandwiched in between. A mixture of asphalt, water and emulsifier, binder allows pavement layers to stick together like white on rice. On jobs where we apply new asphalt on top of a milled surface or on old asphalt, we spray binder first to ensure the old and new material will form a long-lasting bond.
One size does not fit all

Asphalt thicknesses are always site-dependent and carefully calculated to suit your needs. For instance, on commercial and municipal jobs, we might lay down 2.5″ of hot mix base course asphalt and compact it to 2″. Next comes 2.5″ of wearing course asphalt that we also compress down to 2″ for a finished thickness of 4″.

For residential asphalt, we typically install two layers at 2″ each. Each layer is compacted to 1.5″, leaving a finished 3″ thickness. Again, it’s case by case, and we take nothing for granted in the soil, the shape of the terrain and the purpose of your pavement. Like you, our solution will be one of a kind.

asphalt grading in progress
Paving the roads that bring you from anywhere to everywhere

Municipal paving requires a list of bona fides, solid references and a price that maximizes a taxpayer’s dollar. Commercial jobs require building under traffic most of the time and are time-sensitive 101% of the time. Nothing’s more personal than your own driveway. And all of it, all the time, has to strike the right balance of beauty and strength.

Sommerset has the knowledge, experience and capacity to solve even the most complex paving problems. Get a free quote today, or explore the links below to learn more about how we approach projects like yours.

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