Sommerset’s Finished Aggregate Surfaces

Long drive? Lower budget? We’ve got you.
If you want to improve the look and quality of surfaces around your home or business but don’t want to fork out the cost for a solid surface, Sommerset Paving has the solution.

Crushed aggregates and recycled asphalt are ideal for select environments and smaller budgets, and Sommerset is certified to haul and install those materials for residential and commercial jobs. And to bring the cost even further down, we can carry materials to your location and you can spread it yourself. Don’t have the equipment or skill? Don’t sweat it. We’ll build an engineered surface that provides optimal drainage.

Whether your project calls for river rock or recycled asphalt, we can handle it. Here’s how.

Recycled asphalt

When contractors rebuild, resurface or break up pavement to reach buried utilities, those chunks of broken asphalt can be reclaimed. As a result, recycled asphalt (RAP) can leave a light footprint on bank accounts and the environment.

While Sommerset doesn’t pave with recycled asphalt, we do place it and compact it. Our team can grade any area into a smooth, engineered surface that moves water in the right direction.

RAP is perfect for rural homes, farms and businesses that don’t have city ordinances requiring solid surfaces. You might find aggregate or RAP on a winding drive up to your favorite farm-to-table restaurant, with a solid surface closer to the building. And here’s a fun fact: If you see a happy-looking horse and rider trotting alongside you, it’s because recycled asphalt is like a hoof massage for our long-legged friends.

Crushed aggregates & mulch

Sommerset’s had many crushes over the years. We’re talking about crushed limestone, crushed concrete, crushed asphalt, pea gravel and river rock, of course.

Crushed aggregate can look rural, royal or both – whatever suits your needs and preferences. Because if it’s good enough for King Charles’s Aston Martin as he rolls up to a country estate, it’s good enough for a long Michigan driveway.

What’s more, many crushed materials are future-friendly and make great bases for solid pavement. If you might transition to solid materials like hot mix asphalt or concrete down the road, it only takes a little foresight to avoid starting from scratch. So if solid pavement’s your long-term goal, we’ll help you plan for it and pick the best stuff to start with.

Sectors we serve

We help businesses looking to enhance their professional image and operational efficiency. We also work with homeowners looking for durable, aesthetically pleasing driveways. And we serve municipalities who rely on us to maintain public spaces.

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Sommerset’s clients know that for the roads that stretch across Michigan, paving is a long game; they find comfort in knowing their paving partners are locals, rooted in the community and dedicated to its wellbeing. They know it takes tenacity and passion to sort out every detail, fix every problem and build roads that are safe, smooth and tough as nails.

Time and again, they’ve seen firsthand that we’re up for the challenge.

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