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Your customer experience should be smooth
just like a well-
made road.

Paving the way to painless

How many times have you gotten a solid product from unprofessional people? Or the opposite – terrible work from friendly professionals?

If you’re pouring hard-earned cash into any investment, you shouldn’t have to choose between quality and service.

At Sommerset Paving, we’re equally dedicated to honing our craft and elevating your experience as a client. 

It starts with the little things. 

Whether you get in touch through our quote request form or by phone, you’ll always be greeted by a real-live, informative professional – year-round.

No matter the project size, we respond promptly – with forethought, detail and clarity. And with every option we think you might want to consider.

From beginning to end, we keep things simple for you with one point of contact. The person who writes your bid is also your project manager. They know paving inside and out, and they’re with you all the way.

In this hyper-connected age, the last thing you need is another impersonal service experience that may or may not involve real human beings.

If you’re in city planning, that road or path is personal for you because your reputation’s on the line.

If you manage commercial properties, every parking lot and walkway reflects your brand. It’s personal.

And if you’re a homeowner – well, paving doesn’t get any more personal than your own driveway.

Naturally, the perfect customer experience should also be personal. Led by one expert who’s there to ensure you don’t have to choose between craftsmanship and service.

about our team at Sommerset Paving

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Our capabilities

Asphalt and concrete. Projects big and small. Places to park, bike, walk, drive, skate, breakdance. We’re up for all of it – just don’t ask us to breakdance.
Asphalt Paving+
Sometimes you need a fresh start, whether it’s new construction or an overhaul requiring pulverization and stabilization.

As years go by, preventative maintenance on your driveway or parking lot will need to be supplemented with more substantial repairs. Potholes, alligator cracking and standing areas of water are just a few signs that seal coating and crack filling are no longer sufficient. Once these problems show up, you’ve got structural issues and potential safety hazards. Eventually, a complete repaving of your property becomes necessary.
Commercial Asphalt Paving+
The best jugglers we know are clients who own or manage multiple business properties. Upkeep can feel endless. And in a state known for radical weather changes throughout the year, superbly built parking lots aren’t luxury items. You need a balance of art and science, timely service and sound advice. In-house civil engineering is a rare and helpful skill set when it comes to pavement. With Sommerset, you get all of the above.
Municipal Asphalt Paving+
When you’re working with taxpayer dollars, a reliable and adaptable paving partner is essential. Whether the job calls for asphalt maintenance, new roads or public parking lots, you need a team with proven integrity and high standards. Accurate, detailed and competitively priced bids. With all the credentials, of course.

This is your hometown. We’ll help you keep it navigable, beautiful and safe.
Residential Asphalt Paving+
Unless you’re a paving professional, chances are you don’t know about the science hiding beneath a good-looking driveway. Who can you trust to be honest, skillful and professional? This is your home, after all. Every improvement should add beauty and value to your home.

You need a communicative, ethical contractor who won’t cut corners or surprise you with hidden costs. And once the job’s done, you shouldn’t even have to notice your driveway until it’s time for resealing and maintenance – or until your budding artist begs to show you their latest chalk masterpiece.
Concrete Paving+
Sometimes site plans call for the gray stuff instead of a black asphalt surface. Some of our clients simply prefer the look of concrete for their driveway or parking lot. In any event, long-lasting and level concrete pavement begins with a solid foundation on stabilized soil. This is true for all kinds of paving but even more so for concrete – a harder, less flexible surface than asphalt. Washtenaw County soil, for instance, contains expansive amounts of clay that requires a unique approach to stabilization.
Parking Lot Paving+
Working and learning, dining and shopping, public or private: if you drive there, you need to park there (amazing insight, we know). Preferably in a lot with asphalt that’s well-marked, dead-level and free of potholes. At Sommerset, we think all day every day about things like aggregate grades and emulsion mixes. All your customers or employees need to remember is where they parked.
Asphalt Repair & Maintenance+
Unlike a fine wine or a smart and well-timed investment, your asphalt pavement won’t improve with age.

Asphalt degrades over time, especially in Michigan where the roads bake in July and freeze solid under January snow. Cracks appear, stripes fade and the overall appearance gets lighter and shabbier. Sommerset’s asphalt maintenance experts can repair and maintain your parking lot to bring it back to life. We keep a weather eye on the latest innovations in materials and application techniques.

It won’t be bulletproof – but with our 15+ years of maintenance experience on your side, your asphalt will last a heck of a lot longer.
Aggregate Surfaces+
Crushed aggregates and recycled asphalt are ideal for select environments and smaller budgets, and Sommerset is certified to haul and install those materials for residential and commercial jobs. And to bring the cost even further down, we can carry materials to your location and you can spread it yourself. Don’t have the equipment or skill? Don’t sweat it. We’ll build an engineered surface that provides optimal drainage.
Site Grading+
That crack on your driveway or parking lot? It might not seem noteworthy – if you notice it at all. But like an inch-long crack that slowly grows after a pebble dings your car’s windshield, one crack leads to another. If you aren’t vigilant, the relatively economical work of crack filling will lead to more costly repairs.

Step one, look down. Step two, spot the cracks. Step three, call Sommerset (or send a quote request) to fill those cracks and extend the lifetime of your investment.

Why Choose Sommerset?

With more than 15 years of paving experience, our team’s been around the block a few times and has the know-how to prove it.

But that’s not why you should choose Sommerset. We offer fair prices, but that’s not why you should choose us, either.

You could go with the oldest, biggest or cheapest paving contractor in southern Michigan. You might get decent results. You might also get outdated materials, processes and equipment, a slow and painful process, or a poorly built and ugly job.

If you:
  • Like the simplicity of working with a single, knowledgeable project manager from start to finish,
  • Appreciate seasoned craftsmanship and commitment to innovation,
  • Appreciate good, timely communication from friendly professionals,
  • Believe strong ethics should be the norm in any business,
  • Would rather buy nice than buy twice, and
  • Want to work with people who understand that the purpose of paving is to keep people connected...

Then Sommerset is the paving expert you’re looking for. 

Call us at 734 · 929 · 0641 or fill out our quote request form today.