Merriman Parkway Path

  • Owner: Wayne County
  • Location: Livonia, MI
  • Size: 100-Ton Pathway
  • Scope: Asphalt Paving, New Construction

Some paving companies like the straight, simple lanes of a highway, but we prefer the challenge of lines that zig-zag and ripple across the landscape. And we especially love working on municipal projects that make it easier for two-legged, two-wheeled and four-legged citizens to get around.

The Merriman Parkway Path posed an interesting dilemma. This new path had to cut through existing landscaping without causing havoc. Imagine an elephant tip-toeing through your dining room without bumping a stick of furniture: that’s what it’s like when you see one of our large asphalt trucks backing down a twisting path without destroying the grass.

After all, we want to be able to come back to the trail with our families and enjoy fresh local apples under the fall trees. Why sit in muddy puddles when you can relax on well-tended grass and admire the path you built?

paving a municipal road with asphalt