Chilson Road Driveway

  • Owner: Steve Gronow
  • Location: Howell, MI
  • Size: 20,410 SF Driveway
  • Scope: Asphalt Paving, Grading, Pulverizing

A picturesque driveway winds through manicured lawns, brilliant autumn woods and over a creek. Nothing seems amiss – until we learn what the driveway needs to carry.

Uniquely, this residential driveway has to withstand very heavy trucks traveling over it with some winding turns. There can be no compromises between high-end aesthetics and industrial-grade strength. 

No run-of-the-mill driveway installation company can handle this kind of project. The removal and grading require large excavators and specialty operators with  years of experience. The asphalt mix must be tailored to heavy-duty traffic. Only a commercial road paver and an expert paving crew can tackle this project that serves multiple functions. 

Check, check and check: Sommerset’s team is primed and ready to take on this job. We obviously didn’t mind the gorgeous fall colors and deer roaming around as we worked.