Chestnut Springs Road

  • Owner: Chestnut Development
  • Location: Howell, MI
  • Size: 70,000 SF Roadway
  • Scope: Asphalt Paving, Grading

For an asphalt guy or gal, a new, high-end subdivision is your dream project – especially when the client is a premier local builder like Chestnut Development.

Designs for the homes on Chestnut Springs Road were stunning, perfectly suited to the area’s rolling hills. All this neighborhood needed during construction was a tough commercial base to withstand construction traffic.

Sommerset graded and paved a specialty road mix designed for heavy traffic. Thanks to the advice of our head project foreman, Matt Fisher, the road held up so well during the three years of construction that not a single crack appeared. After most of the homes were completed, Chestnut invited us back to top the road with a final layer of asphalt.

Note: You might notice a difference in the asphalt colors between the video and photos below. Your eyes aren’t tricking you! We captured the video footage a few years after construction finished, and the fading is natural.