Why Sommerset rebranded

This winter was a mild one, and the orange barrels are already lining the streets and highways of Michigan.

I hope you’re finding moments to enjoy a beautiful spring day as the leaves begin to come out in Michigan and those elusive trees that bloom line the roadways, if just for a few days.

As the new construction season begins in Michigan, we want our friends, families and colleagues to see an exciting project we’ve been working on since September 2023.

Each year, I give a lot of thought to how Sommerset Paving can communicate what makes us different from your average construction company. We’re a family company with strong values, and each project we complete gives our entire team a sense of great accomplishment. We love the relationships with our customers who have learned to truly appreciate our integrity, our willingness to help out in an emergency, and, above all, how we strive to be transparent and deliver what we promise. Sadly, this isn’t always the experience customers have with a paving company.

I struggled last year with how to articulate our purpose, vision and competitive advantage. One afternoon during the summer, I got an email from Matthew at Steel Brothers about messaging and branding. His email was results-oriented and concise, and I felt compelled to respond.

After going through a rebranding process with Steel Brothers, I can now say that our brand’s strategy, our message and our look finally reflect who we’ve been all along – and why our work matters.

Keeping Michigan connected, one road at a time

During the process, the idea we identified at the heart of our company is connection. Family ties are the core of all we do, after all, and connection is what roads are for. Not only should they safely connect you from A to B, but ultimately, they should bring you home so you can connect with the people who matter most.

In other words, Sommerset Paving builds the roads that bring you home.

I hope you enjoy our all-new website. I think you’ll find it refreshingly different from other construction companies because the Sommerset experience is unique!

Thanks for looking,
Louise Pernicano