Rabbit Trak Driveway

  • Owner: Geno & Cheryl Leabu
  • Location: Pinckney, MI
  • Size: 1,975 SF Circular Driveway
  • Scope: Asphalt Overlay, Asphalt Removal & Replacement

Who wouldn’t want to work by a beautiful lake on a sunny summer day? These wonderful homeowners even bought us pizza, and we enjoyed lunch overlooking the water.

The mission for Sommerset: create a driveway that drains in a very flat area and make the surface smooth for grandchildren and neighborhood kids to play on.

Out came our lasers to set the grade. These precision tools enabled us to keep as much water flowing away from the pavement and into the grass as possible. Then, we removed a portion of the asphalt and overlaid the rest to make the client’s circular driveway look brand new. 

Even after a heavy rain, the driveway clears quickly now and the grandkids can bike and draw from morning to night.