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Sommerset Paving has been a “go to” contractor in the greater Detroit area for over 25 years. Sommerset Paving embraces the many advances in both product and machinery development in order to keep our staff on the cutting edge of pavement technology. Asphalt is one of the world’s most recycled products. Now we can even recycle your asphalt on site through pulverization and stabilize the soil through reclamation with natural additives that save our customers up to 43% per project over out 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete installations require 10 days before they can be driven on.  Concrete hardens over time to reach its final PSI.  Customers should have roofing or any heavy deliveries done prior to concrete or asphalt installation as it takes many months for products to cure and heavy trucks can crack both concrete and asphalt.  For commercial clients, special additives to concrete are often utilized to speed the curing process allowing traffic in fewer days.  Asphalt installations can be driven on as soon as the crew leaves.  Residential customers should avoid roll off containers and campers on driveways during hot months as asphalt is not as rigid as concrete and sinking will occur.  Also, pulling in and out of a garage creates power steering marks on new asphalt but those marks are cosmetic scuffs and will diminish over time.

Getting a job quote is an easy process with Sommerset Paving.  Simply request a quote online and an estimator will call to set a time for an in person appointment for every service except seal coat and crack fill.  If you do not like online forms just call our office number and we will input your information and direct your request to an estimator.  Sommerset employs staff that specialize in residential, commercial, industrial, and MDOT projects.

The paving season in Michigan takes place from approximately April 15- December 15th.  For residential clients we recommend projects take place April 15- October 30th.  The seal coat season occurs from May 15- October 15th.  Sealcoat is the most weather dependent service we provide.  To sealcoat it has to be warm enough and dry enough for the product to adhere correctly.  Asphalt can withstand light rain, hot, and temperatures that are cold but not below freezing.  We suggest concrete projects take place April-June and September- November.  The hot weather of July and August speed up the curing process of concrete and it is best to avoid those months.

Concrete is ⅓ to ½ more than the cost of asphalt depending on the job location and size.  Concrete is still installed mostly by man power not machines, unless it is a large road or parking lot project.  Concrete requires less maintenance and usually does not have to be replaced as quickly as asphalt does.  Asphalt is installed with the majority of the work being done by machines that are directed by man power.  Asphalt repairs can be blended in quite effectively, whereas, concrete repairs often require a section to be removed and replaced and the new concrete will never blend with the existing concrete.

There are some maintenance a home owner can perform on an asphalt driveway. Sealcoat from a home improvement store can be broomed on every few years from a homeowner.  When a homeowner takes the time of the application, the cost of the supplies, and the mess involved, it is often as economical to let a professional due the job.  Sommerset does not recommend cold crack filler from a home improvement store as it hardens when it dries and does not bend and flex with temperature changes.  Therefore, store bought crack fill cracks and breaks and defeats the purpose of sealing a crack to lessen the chance of water undermining the sub base.

Most other repairs require heavy machinery which most individuals may not have experience utilizing and best left to a licensed contractor.