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Crew inspecting asphalt paving

New Construction

Checking the sub-base and grading the aggregate base are the two key factors in achieving proper compaction and a long lifespan for your project.

Installing new asphalt is one of Sommerset Paving’s specialties. Our goal is to make certain a paving job is done correctly the first time! Using the proper equipment and materials is critical and allows Sommerset Paving to meet or exceed all standards for quality and reliability.

Our main line paving crew can take on any project regardless of scale. Whether you need a small, low-traffic parking area or large-scale parking for an apartment complex or corporation, we’ve got you covered. Our experienced staff will listen carefully to your input, and make recommendations to ensure that the final product matches your needs.

Asphalt parking lot replacement

Another important consideration in new construction is drainage and site planning. Edge drain/perimeter drains are installed to prevent or reduce damage to pavement. If edge or perimeter drains aren’t used, water often saturates the soil underneath your pavement which will eventually cause costly repairs. Water that sits under pavement causes erosion which leads to cracked pavement and potholes. The process of using edge or perimeter drains helps to re-direct the water to a catch basin to prevent damage to your pavement.

New parking lot

Allow our experts to provide a detailed quote that encompasses the full scope of work along with any specifications your individual job requires. We service a vast area and the complete list is on our website.