Sommerset Paving

Community paving project

Paving Maintenance for Homeowners Associations

It is well known that in homeowners associations the quality of the asphalt roads and concrete sidewalks can greatly influence the market value of each property. With only one chance to create a first impression, let Sommerset Paving create a strategic pavement and concrete maintenance plan for your HOA.

  • Sommerset Paving experts assess your roads and sidewalks creating a comprehensive 3-10 year maintenance plan
  • Experienced project managers meet with board members and present in front of community meetings
  • Communicate with residents for least interruption of traffic patterns
  • Local quick response repairs for maintenance clients

Planning and Paving Maintenance

Sommerset Paving has extensive experience providing paving support and counseling to community associations. Sommerset Paving works constantly to stay abreast of changes in technology, insurance requirements, American with Disabilities Act requirements, and other challenges faced by homeowners and community associations. Our comprehensive assessment focuses on preserving and protecting the functionality and appearance of paving in order to extend its useful life.

Prioritizing projects and allocating resources with a managed paving maintenance plan identifies minor maintenance and repair issues before they become expensive problems. This makes it simpler to budget for present and future repairs and maintenance without straining the budget. The work can be carried out over a period of time based on funding, which allows work to be completed in phases to minimize traffic disruption in the community.

  • Residents are top priority
  • 100% safety record
  • Professional traffic control
  • Staff easily identified by Sommerset Paving shirts
  • Certified operators using latest generation equipment
  • Daily site clean up
  • Pre and post project walk through