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Customers Have Asked And Sommerset Paving Has Listened — Announcing Water Based Resin Sealer

Sommerset Paving’s customers and the public have been expressing concerns over a possible connection between Coal Tar Sealants and the release of the known carcinogen, PAH into the environment. We have listened to these concerns and starting this seal coating season, we will use water based resin sealers.

The Negatives of Coal Tar Seal Coats: When coal tar seal coat cures, a very hard film forms which can become brittle and unable to flex with the asphalt below it, causing cracking and flaking. Prior to curing, coal tar seal coats are more prone to power steering marks while the volatiles are released. Coal tar seal coats also emit a strong odor and fumes that, particularly in direct sunlight and high heat, can cause skin irritation until cured. The material is also known to emit yellow oils that can stain many surfaces. Environmentally,coal tar seal coat has high levels of PAH’s and has recently come under fire as a carcinogen in humans and the cause of increased mortality in certain water life. These negatives have led to banning of coal tar seal coats in several locations including Washington D.C., Washington State and Long Island, New York.

The Positives of Water Based Petroleum Resin Sealers: These sealers have been recognized as a viable, and to some, better alternative to coal tar. This sealer was originally developed to make up for coal tar’s shortcomings and they last for a long period of time. They have no PAH’s making them more environmentally friendly. They dry more quickly, don’t cause skin irritation or a strong smell. They are more flexible (less cracking) and won’t stain surfaces. Aesthetically, they dry with a blacker, matte finish.

When properly mixed and applied by the seal coating professionals at Sommerset Paving, asphalt emulsified seal coat will last as long or longer than a coal tar sealant. Contact Sommerset Paving today for a free estimate.. You can fill out a contact form, email [email protected] or call 734-883.8190.